Amal C A

Amal CA is a BCom graduate with six months of experience in accounting within the automobile industry. His educational background and practical experience make him a promising candidate with a strong foundation in finance and accounting principles. His experience in the automobile sector has equipped him with industry-specific knowledge, which can be a valuable asset in financial roles within this field.

Akhil Anil

Akhil Anil is a diligent individual with a 10th-grade education and a Diploma in Graphics Design and Video Editing. He brings a valuable combination of skills and experience to the table. Akhil has accumulated two years of hands-on experience in videography and photography, where he started as a light boy and grew in proficiency. Furthermore, he has honed his talents during a four-month stint as a graphics designer in a printing shop. Akhil’s dedication and skill set make him a promising candidate for roles that require expertise in graphics design and video editing.

Krishnanjali A R

She is a postgraduate in History and she is currently pursuing master degree program in Public Administration from IGNOU. She have more than three years experience in Educational sector. She had teaching experience in degree level in MGU ktym affiliated colleges. Also she had expert experience in administration and managerial field in Educational institution. She is a multitasker expertise in HR related activities and secretarial works.

Muhammed Bilal A

He is a highly motivated Mobile Application Developer at XceptionalLEARNING, with a strong foundation in Computer Hardware Engineering. Armed with a diploma, Bilal possesses unique technical knowledge and programming skills, making him an invaluable asset to the team. Specializing in Flutter, Bilal crafts innovative mobile applications that combine functionality and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring exceptional user experiences. With a passion for technology and a dedication to continuous learning, Bilal is poised to make significant contributions to mobile app development.

Alwin Abraham

Alwin Abraham, our skilled MERN stack web developer at XceptionalLearningIndia, creates user-focused web solutions. He’s a key driver of our mission for cutting-edge web apps, excelling in user-friendly design tailored to clients. With a passion for tech and commitment to innovation, Alwin keeps us at the forefront. His expertise ensures top-tier user experiences, upholding our web development excellence.

Abin Muhammed H

Abin Muhammed, a proficient software developer with practical project experience in software development. Abin has effectively managed and contributed to various projects related to Learning Management Systems and E-commerce platforms, harmonizing seamlessly with clients’ needs and expertly incorporating new tech stacks into projects. Currently, Abin is a key contributor to the software development team at Xceptional Learning, where dedication and expertise converge to craft exceptional software solutions tailored to support online therapy and learning for students.

Ajai Joseph P

Ajai Joseph P is a Flutter Developer and a Bachelor’s degree graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Ajai’s commitment to delivering excellence in software development is reflected in the quality and functionality of the apps he has contributed to. As a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, Ajai brings a solid foundation of technical knowledge to his work, enabling him to tackle complex challenges with precision and creativity. With a strong passion for mobile app development, Ajai has become a valuable asset to our team.

Anoop Kumar T V

With over 12 years of hands-on experience in web development, Anoop is a seasoned professional in the field. Holding a postgraduate degree in Information Technology, he has excelled in various roles across different companies, showcasing his versatility. Anoop’s expertise spans both frontend and backend development, making him a well-rounded and proficient developer. His dedication to staying updated with industry trends and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions sets him apart.

Vysakh Thankachan

Vysakh, a creative and artistic Special Educator with seven years of experience in speech and education rehab, works for XceptionalLearning as the digital content creator for rehab therapy. His experience also includes working with SLP specialists for individualised educational programs. He has an easy approach to making clients comfortable in therapy and is also in charge of therapy content development.