Provider Plan 2

You will enjoy
Everything for Professionals & Trainees
  • Conduct Global Webinars / Conferences through V-meet.
  • Reach out to larger populations for service by supervising your trainees in Digital Therapy.
  • Practise a Hybrid model to serve your clients better.
  • Much more – Contact Support for more Information.

Provider Plan 1

You will enjoy
  • Add clients in the fields of your expertise
  • Scheduling with Personal Calendar integration
  • Interactive Video Sessions for Therapy
  • Secure and encrypted sessions
  • Access to the Digital Content Library
  • Efficient Client Management System
  • Session logs and reports
  • Market yourself with your own Digital Profile
  • Exposure to Global Placement Opportunities
  • Payment Gateway facility for your sessions
  • Initiate therapy from anywhere with browser
  • Create Digital Content and Sell it
  • Avail Services from inter-disciplines for your clients
  • Assign goals to clients for practise in your absence
  • Much more – Contact Support for more Information